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Monday, August 31, 2009

Getting Ready for School - Part 2

For Preschool, Kindergarten, early elementary ~~

*Label everything - jackets, coats, sweaters, sweatshirt, lunchbox, sippy cup/water bottle, etc…

* remember to put your child in an outfit that is easy to get in and out of/pull up and down – both for the teacher (if your child is not potty trained) and for your child. (so your child doesn’t have any accidents at school because they couldn’t get their clothes off fast enough)
So, no belts, snaps, buttons on pants – just elastic waists on pants.
For girls leggings are great.

* No backpacks or bags unless the teacher requires it. The only thing your child will usually need is a lunchbox/snack bag.

*Use lunch boxes that are like bags and have a Velcro top or are easy to zip open and closed. Remember your child will be opening it themselves!
You can always tuck a note or picture into your child’s lunchbox J

*Don’t send items in their lunchbox that your child can’t open themselves i.e. juice boxes, yogurt etc..

*Nutritious snacks/lunches please! And pay attention to your schools policy for snacks and lunches – i.e. NO peanut products

*Dress your child appropriately for school – keep in mind they’ll go outside everyday and they’ll do messy art projects. Don’t dress them in an outfit that if it gets dirty or messy, will upset them or you.
Children go outside everyday unless it is below freezing, snowing, raining or has rained/snowed significantly over night and there is just too much water and mud on the playground, so dress them appropriately for the weather every day – hats, coats, jackets, etc.. And in clothes that you won’t mind getting paint on etc..

*No sandals or open toed shoes without socks – the mulch and pebbles from playgrounds get in and bothers the little toesies.

*When you drop your child off in the morning, the best things is STOP, DROP and ROLL. Quickly drop them off and scoot out of sight. Do not go into the classroom/playground to get them settled or engaged in something, and then try to sneak out. That usually makes it worse, once they look up and can’t find mommy or daddy. The teacher will get your child engaged and involved, that is her job!
The teacher or another staff member will let you know if there is a problem and your child is not settling in.
Remember it will take some time, for everyone.

*Do not pick your child before the designated class/school ending time. When one child sees a parent, they all start wanting their parents. And make sure you are there promptly at the closing time – don’t be late! Again, when one parent shows up it sets them all off and if you’re the last one to pick up, your child will most likely be very unhappy.

*If you need to pick up your child early, please let the staff/teacher know in the morning. That way they will make sure that he/she is ready and that there is minimal disruption to the class.

*If someone else is picking up your child, let the teacher know in the morning. Children do get upset if their routine is changed.

*If there are any changes in your home life (new caregiver, move, new pet, parent traveling, visiting relatives, etc), please let the teacher know. It does effect your child’s day.

*Make sure to check your child’s lunchbox (or backpack) every day for any notes about your child’s day, school announcements, upcoming events, newsletters, and any other school related information.

Some Books to read with your child:

The Kissing Hand
Ms. Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten
Froggy Goes to School
Miss Malarkey Doesn’t Live in Room 10
The Night Before Kindergarten
When I was Five
When I was Little
Leo the Late Bloomer

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