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Monday, August 24, 2009

Excerpts from a New Mothers Journal: 2007-2009 - the birth of the bizzyBee baby data assistant

December 2007

We decided that easy access to recording and retrieving information was critical to our peace of mind. We set out to provide ourselves with a solution and ended up developing a tool that helped us with some very important parenting basics. Namely, to IMPLEMENT the guidelines laid out by various sleep experts which created champion sleepers in our homes. To FEED our babies at reasonable intervals vs. feeling like a pacifier. To MEDICATE theething and sick babies with confidence everytime. Personally, to TRANSITION back to work with peace of mind that I was in the loop and aware of my babies schedules and wellbeing whether I was there for every moment or not.

And so, the bizzyBee: the baby Data Assistant was born

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