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Friday, August 7, 2009

Kelly Ripa/TLC Show audition - part 3

continued from Wednesday........
Hours passed and our time arose. Thankfully Kirsten, her daughter and I were together so naturally our nerves were calmed. I believe we have a good chemistry together – we compliment each other so well. Just looking at us made the casting directors smile as we walked into the room. They immediately sensed their challenge for the video interview: Kirsten measures at 6’ 1” and I reach somewhere around her collar bone at 5’ 3”. Should I be on stilts? Should Kirsten kneel? Hmmm… We all made light of the situation and continued on with the 30 second audition – our brief introduction to the bizzyBee.

Prior to our audition we had heard inventor after inventor leave the audition room and comment that they weren’t asked to continue on to the second round. I had resigned myself to being sent home after our initial attempt, but happily we were escorted out of the first room to a hallway where we were outfitted with wireless microphones and told to prepare our 2 minute audition, which would take place in a few minutes. We were number 23 in round two. Not bad since 103 women had auditioned before us that day! The nerves set in. Suddenly I realized that I had been awake since 3:30 that morning, I was starving, and wow was I nervous. What was that 2 minute spiel again? What the heck was I supposed to say?
more to come on Monday........

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