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Kirsten and Katie
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kelly Ripa/TLC Show audition - part 5

continued from Monday.......

Three weeks later we received an email from a casting producer at Milojo Productions. He said that he was looking at our application and had questions about where we were in the process. What did we need help with? What obstacles were we facing while trying to bring the product to market? We were still in the running! We answered his questions and now will sit back to wait out the remaining weeks.

So far the process has been an exciting adventure. We have met intriguing women who all share a common thread: To realize their dreams no matter what the cost and effort involved. I feel we have joined this elite group who not only dream but dare to risk it all for the possibility of holding that concrete, finite thing in our hands and showing it to the entire world in the hopes it will make someone’s life better. May we all persevere and get there.

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