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Monday, August 10, 2009

Kelly Ripa/TLC Show audition - part 4

continued from last week.......

We entered the room and I think it went well. We were asked to speak for 2 minutes about our product and then we were to answer questions from the casting directors. I think the baby started to cry near the end, but I really don’t remember much. Kirsten said that the casting directors were smiling as we spoke and were nodding as if they understood the importance of our product. I’ll take her word for it as I was staring blankly at the camera during the audition. One of the directors stopped us on the way out of the room to mention that she saw a great need for the bizzyBee in daycares. She got it! At least one of them understood what we were trying to get across.

By the time we left the auditions that day we learned more about the show: The season will be 8 1-hour episodes and 16 inventions will be chosen. 2 inventions will be showcased on each episode. Milojo Productions, The Discovery Channel, TLC, Kelly Ripa, and the Home Shopping Network will all take turns cutting down the list of contestants and the 16 finalists will most likely be notified sometime in September. We weren’t told when the season will begin. So, we left feeling a bit more informed and planned to forget about the whole thing until we heard something one way or the other. At least we made it to the second round!

to be continued........

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