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Friday, August 28, 2009

Getting Ready for School - Part 1

I write this from my experiences as the mom of two special needs boys (currently in elementary school and high school), as a former preschool teacher, and a PTA President. These are just some tips to help get you and your child ready for school, whether it’s preschool or elementary school.

Going to school is a big step and a change for everyone, even mom and dad.
One of the best ways to prepare your child for school is to be prepared yourself. Your child will look to you, if you are confident, they will be too.

- the school calendar – holidays, special events, etc..
-the school/class hours
-your child’s class schedule – post it on the refrigerator for everyone to see
-the drop off and pick up process, bus schedule, and/or car pool schedule
-the schools playground, before school and after school rules
-how to reach the school by phone and e mail
-the schools lunch room rules and policies – no peanut products?
-the schools electronics policy – ipods, cell phones, gameboys
-how the school communicates emergency announcements
-how the school communicates other information – newsletters, e mails,
flyers in backpacks, etc..
-how best to communicate with your child’s teacher – e mail or phone
-what the school dress code is

Make sure you have all the school supplies, gym uniform, Kleenex, etc. before school starts! And don’t send all your child’s school supplies in with him/her on the first day. Try to drop them off at school before school starts. This way your child isn’t trying to carry everything and do everything on their first trip to school.

Get involved – volunteer as a room parent, join the PTA/Parent Association, just get involved! It really does make a difference. Your child will see you at school and see you enjoying being a part of their world. The teachers will appreciate you and your time. And believe it or not, it does have an impact on how and how often the teacher interacts with your child.

more on Monday.......

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