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Friday, August 21, 2009

Excerpts from New Mothers Journal: 2007-2009

September 2007

I felt frustrated and ill-equipped to make the baby feel better. If I just had some basic information I knew I could make more informed decisions and stop his crying and my panic sooner. I begin to ask myself, “Is this all because I work?” Now the working mommy guilt is building.

Fortunately, in a moment of confidence, my sister in law a stay at home mom who has just had a baby confirms that I am not crazy. She too struggles to remember things. Even though she is at home all day the exhaustion and steep learning curve of new motherhood had taken it’s toll on her as well. Added to that her baby has acid reflux which requires multiple daily medications and she too is feeling equally tense and at times overwhelmed.

Between the two of us, we were frustrated, uncertain, tired and ready for a change.

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