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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Excerpts from a New Mothers Journal: 2007-2009 - the birth of the bizzyBee baby data assistant

April 2009:

I am proud to say that I can attest to the fact that the bizzyBee is as useful for my third child as it would have been for my first. Life just gets more hectic and keeping track of things more difficult.

My third child, a little girl, was suffering as a newborn. She was jaundice so her intake was critical to monitor. Nursing had to be supplemented with bottle feeds in order to fight the condition. With my other children when the doctor asked how often my baby had eaten or if she was sleeping well, the best I could do was guess. This time around I was able to print out and provide all the information the doctor needed to get a real picture about what was going on. This information included her feedings; how often they were, how long they lasted, or in the case of a bottle, how many ounces she had consumed. Based on this information, along with a lot of discussion, the doctor was able to make an educated guess that the reason my baby was fussy ALL THE TIME, gurgling, hiccupping and chocking a lot was due to a case of severe acid reflux. One pill and 10 hours later I had a new baby. Seriously.

Now I use the bizzyBee to help me remember when it is time to give her the Prevacid. We are only on a once a day dose but even that is difficult to remember with two little boys also demanding my attention. Without the bizzyBee I seemed to be asking my self regularly. “was that TODAY I gave that to her or yesterday?”. Now I don’t ever have to wonder. This provides me a lot of peace of mind on the occasions I leave her with my absent minded professor husband. Thank goodness for the bizzyBee!

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