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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Getting Ready for School - Part 3

Things your child may be worried about~~~

Talk to your child about these things, walk through their day and let them how everything will work. Get them prepared before they have a chance to get too anxious.

How will I get to school? (riding a bus or carpool)
Explain the route (picking up other children), how they will get off the bus and get into the school and to their classroom.
Make sure they know how to act on the bus or in the car.

What if I miss you?
Let your child know that it’s ok to miss you. You will miss them too! You are both doing your job – their job is to go to school just like mommy and daddy have to go to work. (Or mommy has to go to the grocery store or clean the house). Everyone has a job to do and their “job” is to go to school and have fun!
Make sure they realize that you are NOT out doing something fun when they are at school.

What do I do if I have to go to the bathroom? Where is the bathroom?
Explain to your child that everyone at school has to go to the bathroom. Tell them to ask the teacher if they can go to the bathroom. Make sure they know that it is OK to go to the restroom during the school day.

Who will I sit with to eat snack or lunch?
Let them know that they can sit with their new classmates and friends.
Sometimes the teacher may assign a seat and that is ok too – it's an opportunity to make a new friend.

Will the teacher be nice?
Of course the teacher will be nice!
The teacher will have rules for the whole class to follow and these rules may seem tough but they are for everyone. Let them know that their teacher will be wonderful and she will love your child.

Will the kids be nice?
Of course the other children will be nice!
Your child will make many new friends – some may become best friends and others may just be classmates.

How will I get home?
Explain how the bus ride (or carpool) will work coming home – the route the bus will take, at which bus stop your child will get off and who will be waiting for your child at the bus stop or at home.

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