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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Getting Ready for School - Part 5

Additional ENCOURAGING words/messages to give your child ~~

- Your skills are really improving;
- How kind of you to share toys with your friend, that’s very generous.
- You are taking such good care of your pet. He’s so lucky to have you!
- Now THAT’S what I call a thorough job! Thanks for picking up your toys.
- That’s a great effort
- Keep at it; I know you’ll figure it out. How can I help?
- You are such a good learner!
-I’m impressed by your concentration.
-I remember when you were first learning that. You’ve come a long way.
-You’re so fun around the house; life would be boring without you!
-What would I have done without you today? Thanks for cleaning the house with me.
-I’m so proud to tell people I’m your mom (dad).
-You’ve really improved! That’s great!
-It’s wonderful to see you so happy
-I appreciate your attention to detail. You are one sharp cookie.
-Your patience is commendable. Keep at it; I know you’ll get it yet.
-I’ve never thought of it that way. How creative!
-You’re doing a great job of controlling your anger.
-You’re on the right track! That’s using your brain.
-You’ve put a lot of careful thought into that.
-you’re getting the hang of it! Your practice is really paying off.
-Now THAT’S an interesting point. Thanks for sharing it.
-Your attitude is very respectful attitude. I appreciate that.
-You solved your problem; how clever!
-That is wonderful! Your confidence is really showing!
-How sensitive you are to your brother’s feelings.
-Your dependability makes life so much easier for me.
-I love your sense of humor. How do you think up those jokes?
-You hang in there when the going gets tough. You’re a strong person.
-Look how much progress you’ve made. You should be proud.
-Hey, relax for a while; you deserve a break.
-What a good memory you have. That effort deserves a high five!
-I really enjoyed your performance. No one could have done it better.
-Keep trying; I know you can work this frustrating problem out.
-How calm you were when you got that bad news.You are really maturing.
-It’s a real gift to me when you do your chores without being reminded.
-I have to hand it to you; you did exactly what you set out to do.
-Congratulations, you can be proud of your achievement!
-I LOVE watching you grow up. You never cease to amaze me.
-You are such an interesting person. I can’t imagine lifewithout you

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