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Kirsten and Katie
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Waiting for Baby - Part 2

Five months after the loss of our son, my husband and I decided to try again. Luckily the in vitro was successful a second time. We took measures beforehand to ensure this baby would not have CF, and 20 weeks later we discovered that a baby girl was on the way. Our doctor was not taking any chances – a double cerclage was placed and at 17 weeks along I was put on bed rest for just over 4 months. It was a really long 4 months, to be sure. What a crazy situation that so many of us face while pregnant! You wonder every moment if everything will be OK, if you will make it full-term, if the baby is moving enough, if, if, if. There is no distraction from the worry on bed rest. Flashbacks of the previous pregnancy and delivery prevailed daily and tormented my dreams. In the end it was worth every moment of worry. The cerclage was removed at 37 weeks and we expected our daughter to come shooting out. That didn’t happen at all. She was happy in there! I ran up and down the stairs at the local mall, just hoping it would make things progress, but no luck. Then at 39 weeks 4 days, our daughter was born in a perfect and calm delivery (thanks to the help of my good friend, the epidural). She was beautiful, healthy, and was able to come home with me two days later. It was everything we had hoped for

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