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Kirsten and Katie
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Monday, September 21, 2009

Waiting for Baby - Part 4

Now I realize even more how uncertain everything is regarding carrying a child and the delivery thereof. I’m feeling kind of silly right now. It has been 3 days and the baby still resides in my womb. The doctor said I haven’t even progressed at all! I was certain things had changed! It seems impossible, but now I will lie here for 2 more weeks and wait. My neighbor, also expecting a child (and being induced today), had an interesting bit of knowledge that she gleaned from her doctor last week after having very strong contractions herself and not going into labor. Apparently the barometric pressure has an influence over labor and delivery. That would explain what I was feeling! After looking online for information on this topic I have found varying opinions. Some studies show that a sharp drop in barometric pressure leads to more deliveries than a steady barometric pressure, and other studies show that there is not a strong connection between the two. All I know is that something crazy was going on in my body at the same time as my pregnant neighbor’s, and the pressure had dropped that night. Either way, I am grateful for the chance to keep him safe for a while longer so that he can be as strong as possible at birth. Maybe he will be born at term after all!

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