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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Whiskers for Mom's Club - Join Now

So I realized today that I have not seen my reflection in anything but the rearview mirror in over a month. This is not good. I know it is difficult to believe but it really is true. I realize that I could have a whisker or something really, really repulsive so I move up really close to the mirror in my visor to get a better look (at least it has a light). Tick tock, tick tock. Pfew. I dodged a bullet this time. No wild hairs. I have made my sister-in-law swear that when I am old she will not let me sit in the home with excess facial hair. Does this promise count while I am young and supposedly capable of taking care of my own beautification rituals, I wonder?

It occurs to me that this is rather absurd but I can’t be the only one this has happened to. Right? I brush my teeth morning and night but I am usually just waking up or falling asleep on my feet so staring at myself in the mirror is really not high on the list of priorities. I kind a gave up make up somehow, seemed like it was more important to feed the kids a good breakfast (good meaning not gummie bears).

So I am suddenly sitting here realizing that I have not really looked at myself in the mirror for a really long time. And aside from that moment when I thought I had a beard I am the happiest I have ever been. Thanks to technology I am lucky to be the modern mother who works from home. My lunch meeting is with a 2 year old in Elmo undies and we are planning to eat “samiches” under a tree. He’s handsome and he loves me best of all. I am pretty sure I’ll get a kiss or 10 while we destroy all civilization with our backhoes and bulldozers then build it back again with our horses and worms.
I suppose as long as I can get that sister-in-law of mine to extend her “hair free” guarantee to now, when I really need her, I’ll be OK.

~~ Kirsten

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