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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Homework Tips/Hints - Part 4

Homework Crisis & What to do

Bad Mood -- Eat a snack, do a bit of yoga or stretching, rip up some paper, listen to music

Spills -- Clean it up quickly. Let it dry. Make a copy. Put a sticky on it with an apology

Distractions-- Have a special study area with all your supplies.
Be aware so you can double check your work while you were distracted

Lost directions/lost materials -- Call a classmate and get the information. Often substitute a piece of paper for a missing worksheet or index card.

Forgotten or lost homework -- Double check your assignment book.
Call a classmate; do what you can; make your best effort; write a note to the teacher

Confusion about directions -- Double check your assignment book.
Call a classmate who usually has the homework correctly.

Long-term project -- Chunk the parts of the project on a calendar. Check the calendar daily so you can stay on schedule. Use weekends if you need to so you can catch up.

Questions -- Double check your assignment book.
Call a classmate who usually knows what the teacher wants.

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