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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Homework Tips/Hints - Part 2

Tips to Stop Rushing Through Homework

-- Discuss expectations BEFORE homework begins. Identify the homework that your child normally rushes through. For eachassignment, jot down 2-3 requirements on a post-it note and place on the desk or table next to your child. For example, on a writing assignment, you may list, "proper heading, legible writing, and complete sentences." By being proactive, instead of reactive, you can stop rushing before it happens.

-- Set up Daily Homework Time (DHT). DHT is a specific time each day that's dedicated to homework, whether your child says he has it or not. Your child will spend a minimum amount of time on academically related tasks daily. For example, if the spelling homework is completed quickly, but 40 minutes are still left in DHT, your child could study for a test, work on a long-term project, organize her notebook, or read. If your child knows he has DHT for an hour, he may be less likely to try to rush through an assignment. How long should DHT be?

Here's a guide:
Grade 1: 10 minutes
Grade 2: 20 minutes
Grade 3: 30 minutes
Grade 4: 40 minutes
Grades 5 and 6: 45 minutes
Grades 7-12: 1 hour (as a minimum)

-- Use praise the right way. Recognize good effort whenever possible! Rewards and praise will result inpositive changes faster than punitive words or punishment. When providing feedback, be sure to offer a positive statement first. Follow with specific, constructive criticism and finish off with another positivecomment.
For example, 'You rushed through this writing assignment!'becomes, 'I like the way you wrote your heading so neatly. I do see that your paragraphs need more descriptive details, but overall your essay looks close to being done."

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