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Monday, October 19, 2009

Homework Tips/Hints - Part 1

As promised, here are some homework tips that I have learned over the years with my boys, who both have learning differences. Some come from their schools, some from just being a mom and former preschool teacher. Hope they help you.

--Make homework time as close to the same time every day – make it the routine. i.e. Snack, homework; tv or video games, homework, dinner, reading

--Make sure that the area that your child is doing homework is free of distractions – No TV, NO music. (The kitchen table isn’t the best if you’re cooking or working there too).

--Create a homework “nook” using a Science project tri fold board (if it’s too high, cut it in half)
Use the board as walls to block out distractions and to the inside add information and tools that your child will need/use - list of ABC’s to help with alphabetical order, multiplication table, clock, etc.
If you still need to block out noise and distractions, put a roof on top.

--Make sure you have lots of supplies and keep them close by – pens, pencils, highlighters, and calculator; this will cut down on getting up and down or creating an excuse for getting up and down.

--If the work seems too much – break it out into smaller tasks i.e. answer just the first few math problems. If that doesn’t work, try doing every other problem.

--Take breaks! Work for 10 minutes take a break, work for 10 more minutes.

--If you child wiggles, you can get a wiggle seat or have them sit on an large exercise ball pulled up to the desk or table.

--Try to involve your child in deciding how to break up the homework or in which order to do it – math first, reading 2nd, or hardest subject first or easiest subject 1st, or big project then shorter tasks

--Read every night!

--Read every day or night at the same time and if possible the same place – big comfy chair, in bed, at a desk.

--If the book is too long or has “too many words”, take turns - have your child read a page or paragraph and you read a page or paragraph.

--If you can, get a book on tape or CD and read along with the cd

--Ask questions at the end of every few pages or chapter so you know your child understands what is being read.

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