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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Holiday Card dilemma

There is a lot of pressure at this time of year to get that perfect holiday card with the perfect picture of the perfect family. (I won’t even go into the Christmas letter)
I’ve done the picture card for many years. I always put a lot time, energy and thought into selecting the picture and the card.
But this year, I’ve been really busy, really stressed. I tried several times to upload a photo (or two!) to a site, to get that perfect card. I spent time selecting the photo, the card etc.. but it just wasn’t happening.
So I made the decision that it just wasn’t worth the additional stress to get the card done, addressed, stamped, sealed and mailed.
I decided to send the same picture but send it via e mail.

I sent the “card” out to friends and family and the response has been immediate and amazing!
I’ve received replies from friends wanting to catch up, connect and comment on the photo. (You never hear from people after you put that card in the mail!)

I’ve gotten e mails hailing me as “ahead of my time”, “queen of technology” and “being green”. Friends have even said they are going to jump on the e mail card bandwagon. (It seems everyone is running a little late and is very stressed this year).

So who knew I was starting a revolution!

Happy Holidays!

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