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Friday, July 24, 2009

ChicksWithKidz and the bizzyBee in the news

From kids today - http://www.kidstodayonline.com/article/CA6669443.html?q=bizzyBee&Safety First!

Gerri Hunt -- Kids Today, 7/1/2009
Whether staying home, traveling, playing or sleeping, a child needs to be safe. With so many opportunities for accidents, parents welcome the prospect of extra levels of security. There are many products on the market to ease the load.

The Summer Infant SecureSleep Audio Monitor not only lets parents keep a close ear on baby, but acts as a room thermometer and soft glow nightlight. The unit changes colors signifying if the room is too cold, too hot or just right. With 900MHz digital technology, it has a 650 foot range, $50, 800-926-8627, www.summerinfant.com.

The Fridge Guard Appliance Safety Latch from Parent Units keeps refrigerator doors safe and shut. Made of high-grade durable plastic, it comes in white or clear. Use two on top of a double-door appliance, $8, 732-792-7244, www.parentunits.com.

When a child is placed in his car seat, the Car Seat Monitor from Cars-N-Kids senses the weight and automatically turns on. Whenever the car stops, a lullaby plays about four seconds later, letting the driver know the child is secure in the seat. That’s also the amount of time it takes for a driver to start exiting the car — so the lullaby is a reminder not to leave the child. The monitor also beeps if the child gets out of the car seat, $40, 573-434-2244, www.carseatmonitor.com.

The two-piece Giggle Bug Toddler Tracker from Intelent Technologies helps keep a child from getting lost. With the bug clipped to a child’s clothes, a parent can find the child by pressing a button on the hand-held unit which will make the Giggle Bug emit a loud beep. The clip also has an alarm in case it gets dislodged or removed from the child’s clothing. Its range is 75 to 100 feet indoors and 100+ feet outdoors, $20, 888-682-0353, www.giggle-bug.com.

The ProGrade Front Load Washer-Dryer Lock by Safety 1st locks front load washers and dryers when not in use. Features include a SecureTech locking indicator, easy to mount adhesive backing, and a sleek design that blends with machine style, $17, 800-544-1108, www.djgusa.com.

This Alphabet Magnet from Parking Pal helps keep children safe when they’re around a vehicle. Placed on the car’s rear panel or a door, the child is instructed to stand with their hand on it until the parent tells them it’s OK to move, $8, 540-660-1545, www.parkingpalmagnet.com.

The bizzyBee, by ChicksWithKidz, is a baby data assistant that records, recalls and reminds parents of a week’s worth of baby’s medication (up to six meds), sleep and feeding schedules. It can be uploaded to a computer to view trends and track info for the baby’s pediatrician, $120, 866-936-5439, www.chickswithkidz.com

Protect children from scalds and burns with the Stove Guard from Prince Lionheart. Made of heat-resistant, polycarbonate plastic, it adjusts to fit stoves from 24 inches to 36 inches wide. Mounts on front or top of stove, $25, 805-922-2250, www.princelionheart.com.

The miniature Respisense Breathing Monitor from Infantrust Parenting Solutions clips onto the diaper. It senses baby’s tummy movements and sounds an alarm when motion stops for too long, $140, +27 21 883 9747, respisense.com.Pipila is a portable UV sterilizer from Hygiene Innovations that eliminates up to 99.9% of germs on a pacifier. It takes six minutes from start to finish, $30, 516-671-3135, www.pipilausa.com.

The SeatSnug, by Lap Belt Cinch, easily clips to a vehicle’s seatbelt, and gently secures a child in a booster seat. It substantially eliminates bouncing, rocking, tipping and other movements, reducing potential injuries, $60, 302-234-8110, www.seatsnug.com.

BabyKick is a hand-held portable device by Unisar that helps a pregnant mom keep track of her baby’s movements. Mom presses a button each time the baby moves and BabyKick counts and times them. It stores and recalls the last 10 sessions, counts down the last 99 days of pregnancy, and times contractions when labor begins, $30, 800-233-1196, www.unisar.com.

SafetyMate for the New Parent, by SafetyMate, is a hand-held, interactive talking first aid guide. It has eight themed buttons, which lead to more than 30 first aid issues. English or Spanish instructions walk a caregiver through an emergency situation, $60, 800-439-8995, www.safetymate.com.

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